Weingut Orb


Weingut J.G.OrbThe vineyards belonging to the vintner J.G.Orb lie in the historical and climatically favorable wine-producing area not far from Worms/Rhine.

Developed from long years of tradition, the name J.G.Orb became the indisputable main concept to decorate the labels of our products from this wine business in Westhofen. As recognized better quality wines, all types are clearly indicated and characterized by harvest year, type of grape and originating vineyard.

This gives you the knowledge and certainty that you are drinking and enjoying authenticated and original wine: wines from our very own vineyards, carefully tended in our own cellars and with years of experience and skill brought to maturity before they are finally bottled, sealed and labelled right here. With this guarantee Weingut J.G.Orb vouches for the constant high quality of it’s noble and selected fine wines.

In addition to our range of wines just mentioned, we also offer lively and refreshing sekt which is matured in the bottle before it is sold. Then come our homemade specialities such as wine jelly, wine vinegar and diverse, delicious refinements from the quince to add that touch of sophistication to your culinary creations.


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