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Landscape garden

GartenWithin a slightly rising enclosure lies the splendid terraced garden and in its unobtrusively divided entity provides an oasis of peace and tranquility.

The garden was originally laid down in 1810, becoming known as a historical farm-garden, although it was bisected by a carriage driveway. As from 1957 it became a kitchen-garden, when a wine-cellar was covered over with a meter deep layer of topsoil.

In its present form, the garden contains a section of natural woodland where the hedgehog and the marten feel at home, as well as numerous naturally-growing thickets which offer welcome cover to the many small birds that nest there. A small pond with a natural water supply gives sanctuary to water plants and small aquatic creatures. There are water-lilies which produce daily new, fascinating blossoms; large, old trees; overall wild, flowering plants; a rockery on a section of dry stone-walling and behind that a herb and medicinal garden with over 120 varieties of plants laid out in the concept of the holy Hildegard of Bingen, a nun of the 12th century who became famous for her work in this sphere.

GartenClaudia Orb has, through her dedicated renovation work, used the old, existing structure and perspectives to re-create the historical garden of 1810, combining with it the family garden and the reincarnation of the access path following its original steeply inclining route to the rear of the walled property.

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